My name is Vicky or Viktoria. My pronouns are they/them or dey/denen/deren. I was born in Landshut, DE. 

Performance art, videography, installations: these are the fields in which I move transdisciplinary artistically - next to my artistic practice in storytelling.  I have a master's degree in Performance Practices from the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, NL and I am currently working on projects all over Europe.


Audience participation as well as the scenic research of the environment and spaces are recurring core elements of my work. My projects aim to contribute to a thriving cultural landscape with socially relevant topics and innovative formats, while evoking, inspiring and touching people.


​​Venice International Performance Art Week, IT
Mezrab House of Stories, NL
Venice Open Stage Festival, IT
Theater a/d Rijn Uitnacht Festival, NL
Home of Performance Practices, NL
ECC Performance Art, Worldwide
Papillae Festival: It’s a matter of taste!, NL
Internationale Wochen gegen Rassismus, GER
22. internationales figuren.theater.festival, GER
Kreisch-Festival für Straßenkünste, GER
ARENA... der jungen Künste, GER

DigiLabAiR Scholarship von EntrAxis e.V.
DAAD Scholarship for Performing Arts
Zungenspitzer Kabarett und Comedy Scholarship
Scholarship Freestate of Bavaria: “Junge Kunst und neue Wege“
Scholarship MozartLabor des Mozartfest